Pinnacle Sports Events is a full service sports event management and consulting company that oversees various types of sports events.  Our services include:

Strategic Event Planning and Design Development

Determining the purpose of the event to accurately identify the best resources for the event and stakeholders. Thoroughly researching and analyzing program history, statistics, and market trends to ensure resources are appropriate. Establishing strategic partnerships for sponsorships and creative event funding. Incorporating strategies that meet the needs, expectations, and desired outcomes of all stakeholders. Implementing standards and identifying successful criteria for evaluation purposes. Preparing event specifications from conceptualization to completion. Identifying target markets to be used in developing comprehensive marketing and promotional plans. Designing, developing, and executing unique events.

Financial and Contract Management

Identifying sources of event revenue and costs savings opportunities. Conducting the RFP process. Developing and managing event budget and cash flow throughout the event. Negotiating facility and vendor contracts. Monitoring contract compliance. Ensuring the completion of the billing and payment process.

Risk Management

Conducting SWOT analyses. Identifying internal and external risks associated with all aspects of an event. Implementing a result-to-cause method for reducing risks. Reviewing past incident reports to develop and integrate strategies which minimize risks. Establishing contingency and emergency plans. Assessing risks to determine operation needs and insurance coverage.


Identifying relevant event elements. Creating timelines and production schedules. Scheduling vendor and facility meetings. Creating organizational charts and reporting procedures. Employing and overseeing event communications. Arranging site services such as entertainment, transportation, food and beverage, AV and IT services, equipment rental, décor, guest services, media relations, staffing, security, shipping and receiving. Ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local laws and ordinances. Securing compliance documentation. Ensuring compliance with the American Disability Act. Ensuring compliance with labor regulations.  Assisting with registration, reservations, and housing. Assisting with adherence to protocol.  Recording and archiving event information and data. Training staff. Developing collateral materials. Printing and mailing. Administering surveys and reporting on ROI.

Facilities and Services

Analyzing location and venue requirements to determine the viability of the event location. Conducting site inspections. Assisting with the selection of the location. Securing an appropriate facility for the event. Conducting a pre-event briefing with vendors and facility. Coordinating security and emergency procedures with the facility and critical agencies. Conducting a post-event meeting with vendors and facility.

Content and Program Development

Researching and surveying stakeholders to determine interests. Drafting SMART goals and objectives that parallel stakeholder interests. Prioritizing goals and objectives. Selecting event elements that support the program goals and objectives. Securing speakers and entertainment. Designing program details that meet the needs of participants. Identifying successful criteria for the evaluation of the event.


Brainstorming and concept development. Developing timelines and production schedules for clients who do not require full-service assistance.  Monitoring client progress. Assisting with research. Coaching clients through the event process. Answering procedural questions.


At Pinnacle Sports Events, we recognize that every event is unique.  We work with each of our clients on an individual basis to create a competitive pricing package that will ensure the highest quality of services are received without creating financial strain.